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Cosmic Cash: How To Use The Law of Attraction to Manifest Money & Prosperity

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Are you one of those people who never seem to have enough money? Does money tend to slip through your fingers? Have your wages stayed the same for several years?

You probably don’t know it yet, but your thoughts and feelings are responsible for everything you have in your life, right now. This is because of a spiritual law known as The Law of Attraction.
This book will teach you how to work with, not against, this spiritual law so that you manifest more money, more easily.

This Book Will Teach You....
•What The Law of Attraction is and how you can use it to help you create wealth.
•How your current thoughts and feelings are stopping you attracting money.
•How To Use The Law Of Attraction and other spiritual laws to Attract Money Fast
•How to identify blockages that are holding you back from creating abundance.
•How to break down these blockages so money flows to you easily.
•Strategies you can use to attract more money and prosperity, quickly and easily.

About the author

Mochira Jackson trained under Joe Vitale to become a certified Law of Attraction and Wealth Practitioner. She has worked with the Law of Attraction for several years and has achieved the lifestyle she always wanted.

She also holds a bachelors degree in Psychology, and diplomas in hypnotherapy. She has seen great results using the methods taught in this eBook, and she knows there is no reason why you can’t achieve similar results if you learn to work with the Law of Attraction and the subconscious mind.

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