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Touching the Male

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Jenny Bell is a young woman in Science. She has be at least as clever as men, but always bears the dilemma of females in a Science selected by male brains - should she think like the crude men or try to organise a feminine Science ? So she is wary, well-spoken, outwardly prim, suspicious of men. Of course female scientists are healthy, diligent, as least as beautiful as any other group of women, but probably brainier. And if the brain is the major sex organ...?
Jenny is given the task of finding sexual stimulants that can be tested on mice. ‘Sex Scientist Jenny Bell’ triumphs by explaining how touch and other senses, not the drugs, direct the sexual behaviour of male mice. Extensive personal studies of human males inevitably follow, but, even after years of study, human sexuality remains difficult to understand and direct.

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