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The second novel in scorching hot romance writer Virna DePaul's Belladonna Agency series following Turned sure to draw fans of J.R. Ward, Nalini Singh and Lara Adiran, DePaul introduces us to a world where vampires live amongst humans and although most of them want to live in peace, some do not...
A gang-related shooting has far-reaching implications for four young women, all strangers with no common connection except tragedy. Seven years after the incident, the women are brought together for one common purpose--join a private intelligence agency called Belladonna, which is dedicated to placing agents where law enforcement can't or won't go. Formed by the FBI to protect its secret -- Belladonna hunts down rogue vampires who have no desire to coexist with humans and who must be stopped. Teamed up with males who have paranormal bloodlines, each woman will learn not just to survive in the darkness, but to thrive in it -- achieving their potential in both the mission and in love.
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