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A Journey of One Thousand Miles: the Story of Ruth and Naomi

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Ruth and Orpah were twin sisters, royal daughters of Moab. They married two brothers, the sons of Elimelekh and Naomi, leaders from Judea. Their life was idyllic, until the brothers suddenly died leaving the three women, Naomi, Ruth and Orpah, alone and without support in the world. While Orpah took steps that would lead to a life of degradation, Ruth and Naomi took their own steps towards reparation and redemption. This is the retelling of their journey, as told in the Book of Ruth, and interwoven with legends and traditions of the ancient sages.

This novella is an abridged version of part one of the Foundation Stone, the story of the famous battle between Ruth's and Orpah's descendents: Dawid and Goliyath.

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