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I Grow Young: 10 Steps Back To Youth Forward

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I GROW YOUNG – 10 STEPS BACK TO YOUTH FORWARD presents a retrospective of my living habits in writing. Growing young is not about clock time, living longer, or aging skin, but rather about 'honing good habits' (HGH). The pressures of life and emotional loss can make someone jaded and stressed–and it is undeniable what happens internally will also show externally.

Nothing can stand without a foundation, so the 4 Fundamental Truths I share will provide you with that inner strength. Above it will be the very reason why growing younger is going to give you a more fulfilling lifestyle. Practice my 10 Tips to bring back that youthful essence that is your real age. Take it from me, a GILF, a Grandmother In Laughing Form.

I'm not a youthenizer, but I do age wiser, and this business book card has personal anecdotes which bought me time. Some of it ain't pretty, and a lot of it hurt a lot of times, and with anything that can reverse the aging process, like plastic surgery and the knife life, so have I endured a cutting rejuvenation with mine.

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