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Boom Town

344 pages4 hours


Petticoat Katie has just about got the hang of keeping eighty-eight monkeys fed, watered and typing trashy novelettes in Piccadilly. Then her on-off paramour disappears from the Cabinet of Curiosities leaving a cryptic telegram and a frustrating gap in her affections.
What she needs is a distraction.
And that's where the People's Petticoat comes in.
Soon she's mixing with occultists in Pimlico and Suffragettes in Mayfair while her housemates go head-to-head in a competition to invent the folding bicycle without, hopefully, blowing up the neighbourhood.
Petticoat Katie & Sledgehammer Girl return for a second hilarious helping of mayhem and peppermints in a non-stop caper bursting with outrageous characters, unlikely inventions and a surprising number of exploding lawns.

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