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ROMANCING THE GREEN CARD: How to get your foreign spouse who is a legal U.S. resident a green card.

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Who Will Benefit from Reading this Book?

This book is a short but clear roadmap that describes how the foreign spouse of an American citizen who resides legally in this country can obtain a green card. It applies only to a foreign spouse who has legal status. It is an extremely valuable resource for you if any of the following apply:

(a) You and your foreign spouse who resides in the U.S. are negotiating the immigration system without a lawyer. In that case, it is an indispensable aid that will short-cut your own research and give you valuable pointers to facilitate your journey to green card status.

(b) You and your foreign spouse who resides in the U.S. have retained an attorney. If so, this book will help you to become an informed consumer of legal services. And, it will save you money by reducing the time you spend asking your attorney questions at $400.00 or so an hour.

(c) You are contemplating a serious relationship with a foreign national who is legally resident in the U.S; or, you are just curious about the process. In that case, this book will give you a “heads up” so that you will be better prepared, if and when you consummate the relationship. It will also help you to understand what your married friends or acquaintances may be going through if they are trying to get a green card for their foreign spouse.

The book includes a complete description of the immigration procedure. It discusses all required U.S. Customs and Immigration forms and includes active links by which you can download these forms. It also
describes the sometimes formidable marriage interview that is required and includes sample questions.

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