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Phoenix Heart: Deluxe Edition

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Phoenix Heart is set in modern times- chronicling the lives of a vampire and his human lover. The two have traveled together since WWII, solving supernatural crimes, while battling discrimination and their own inner demons. June 2nd holds a special place in their hearts, as it was the day that they met on the battlefield and became hopelessly entangled together. Despite it being 70 years later, they are still as desperately devoted to one another as they were then, and on this momentous occasion; the two plan romantic outings for one another.

However, this year promises to be special for more than one reason. In the middle of investigating a brutal murder, and shopping for anniversary presents, the couple is approached by a strange Warlock and his talking koala. Quickly they find themselves wrapped up in a demonic plot that threatens to destroy the very world as they know it.

Can the unlikely heroes triumph over some of the world's most dangerous adversaries and still manage to have a fabulous anniversary, or will a third wheel in their coupling drive a wedge in an otherwise perfect union?

Travel together with Shorty, Lorenz and their huge entourage of friends. Fall in love with the nerdy lab assistant, help babysit a skulk of foxes, and don't forget your ticket to the circus.

Follow the threads of Fate as they are twisted, tied and knotted together in the first of the Stolen Elements Series.

**Phoenix Heart is a m/m paranormal romance with some strong sexual and violent content. Please be advised that this content may not be suitable for all audiences.

***This is the Deluxe Edition of Phoenix Heart, containing six original artworks within the body of the text. Each piece of artwork depicts a scene from a chapter and/or a preview of the next book in the series. Please note that the pictures may not display properly on some devices. The pictures are not sexually explicit but may be considered sensual in nature depending upon the viewer. Please take care that you want to view such pictures before you download.

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