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By The Pound

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Daniel had gotten used to the clatter of dishes and the clinking of glasses over the years. He had learned to tune it out, but he still got a little annoyed by the background noise when the bands were playing. Every Friday at the Artistic Intent Bar and Club was live music night and some of the musicians that preformed were incredible, but there was always the clinking. The only reason Daniel even took this job was to hear live music every week for free. Right now, there was an indie punk band performing a song about betrayal and denial. Daniel was so into the beat that he forgot that he actually had to work.
“Dan! Why're ya standing around? Get those people more drinks!” His supervisor barked. Daniel looked down and realized that he had been standing at a person's table just staring at the stage.
“Sorry, could I get you anything else?” He asked the man while gathering the empty glasses on the table.
“Yeah, I would have like a vodka tonic before you just stood there and made me uncomfortable. Get me some beer. On tap.” The guy sneered.
“Of course.” No matter how rude the customer was, he was always right and should not have drinks thrown in his face, even though sometimes Daniel really wanted to. During his little encounter the bands had changed. Up on stage now was an indie rock band who had a girl drummer, which was something you didn't see everyday. Daniel focused on her. She walked up to the stage with confidence in her step, like she knew that she was the best. As she sat down at the drum set, the lead singer introduced the band.
“Hi, everybody. We are By The Pound and we're gonna do a song about how corrupt big corporations are! One, two, three, four.” The lead counted off. They jumped into the song with such precision. The lead singer's voice was alluring and captivating even though he was singing about such a cliché topic. The guitar player was going crazy and having the best time. The bass player was moving his body to the beat of the drum and the drummer.

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