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E-Book! How to publish an e-Book Worldwide in 30 Steps

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The primary objective of the book is to distill useful information to provide you (the reader) with a guide to successfully publishing an e-Book. I'll provide 30 steps which you can follow. Do one step a day, then in one month you'll have published your e-Book. It is intended to be used as a resource/guide. It's aimed at you, as I can safely assume you are wanting to or are about to publish your own e-Book. Please note that this is not a guide how to publish a printed book. It is for a digital version of your book. After going through the process myself, of writing an e-Book (feeling my way in the dark!), I thought that at the end, I'd document what I found best for me and which I think is a good starting point for someone else intending to publish their own work. This is purely a step by step guide and suggestion book. I don't intend to give any suggestions about the creative writing process. This isn't the be all and end all, merely a starting point, scaffold and framework for you to work with. The two parameters I will use are: 1. Keep things simple. 2. Keep all suggestions at zero cost / free. I hope you get some value and benefit from reading this. So let’s get started!

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