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The hillside was covered in lush green grass. Rachel could see the white sheep dotting the hillside from where she sat on her porch looking out. The warm spring air blew across her face lifting her hair in the breeze. Spring was her favourite time of the year, she thought to herself. All the signs of new life...babies everywhere. She sighed. She did love babies. Rachel had never had children of her on and now at thirty five wasn't really expecting it to happen for her. She had just never met a man that she fell in love with that she thought would make a good dad. She had dated but it always ended up to be guys that either didn't want kids or didn't want commitment.

So she was alone.

Sitting on the porch of her dream cabin that she had worked so hard to design. She was happy most days and didn't think about being alone. She had her work as a computer novelist and her animals. Her small farm kept her busy. Now, in the spring, is when she felt it most. When all the animal babies started to arrive with their cute little faces and warm baby breaths she wondered what it would be like to have a child of her own, someone to share all this beauty with. Shaking her head she tried to clear her thoughts and finishing her coffee she got up knowing there were still plenty of chores for her to do.

First she went out to the barn to check on the new mothers and their little ones. Daisy, her milk cow, had a beautiful little Swiss heifer that was doing great. She had her mother’s gentle disposition and would come to the gate with Daisy to greet her. She also had several sheep with babies and a brand new baby goat named Trouble. He was into everything and climbed on anything he could get to. Regardless to say he was aptly named. Rachel smiled and the warm calf breath on her skin as Daisy's baby rubbed up against her waiting to be scratched.

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