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Goodnight, Prince Hal

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In Goodnight, Prince Hal, individual human identity is seen as a complex which manifests itself in the wearing of masks, sometimes radically at odds with each other. No one sees in the mirror what others see, a painful epiphany for those who encounter it. John Zapoti saw himself as a hard-working lawyer and politician, an upright citizen making a living and a difference. Martha, his wife, however, saw a workaholic, yet his cousin-lover Angie loved a satyr. While Virginia experienced a tyrant, and Peter perceived a miser, Brian Percy was both alienated by and attracted to John Zapoti. Boyhood friend Gerry was hurt by his fickle Prince Hal. Rival Henry Percy detested the money-grubbing enemy he saw in him. Zapoti’s townsmen thought they saw a wannabe murderer. Even his death was not what it seemed to those he left behind. In the end, only Angie Schiavone came close to understanding there is no official version of anyone.

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