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The normally quiet life in a small, rural town is ripped apart by a series of strange and violent deaths. The sight of brutally dismembered bodies is becoming disturbingly commonplace in a place where this sort of crime was once unthinkable. All the townspeople know is that a dangerous predator keeps striking from the shadows and that no one is safe from its insatiable appetites. There have been a few sightings, but no one can really describe what they’ve seen. What appears at first glance to be a gray man shifts into something far more elusive upon closer inspection.

With the help of a horse she rescues and the wayward spirit of her Confederate soldier great-grandfather, two most unlikely champions—the town’s veterinarian and her young daughter—emerge. Hoping to make a deal and solve the mystery, the vet’s daughter makes a strange deal with a powerful yet shy entity whose true intentions are as mysterious as the deaths. This entity’s power reaches across time and existence, even into the creation of entire worlds and civilizations.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: the fate of the soldier’s soul hangs in the balance, as does the continued existence of his descendents. A battle is building between unknown forces, and the collision between them has the potential to change their destinies and future memories for all involved.

Published: iUniverseBooks on Jan 1, 1981
ISBN: 9781491732144
List price: $3.99
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