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There are Those is the story of a strong-willed young woman whose ideas were ahead
of her time. She was born in Alabama in the 1800’s when women were treated like
possessions. They were sometimes victims of abuse without recourse. They had no
say, could not vote, own property, nor work outside their homes without the permission
from a man. They were subjected to the rule of fathers, husbands, brothers, and
male employers, if they were fortunate enough to gain employment.

The main character, Evinaida Corbitt, fought to change these conditions. She joins a
group called the Suffragettes. Their aim is to gain suffrage for women. In addition to
the female equality struggle, she was also born a mulatto which brought on another
type of discrimination.

She is proud of her family and thinks they are the best there is. Her heart is broken
when she becomes aware of her grandfather’s true feelings, and his sagacious actions.
When family secrets and deceptions are revealed, they prove to add to the burden
and hurt this young woman bears. Still, truth is resurrected from a grave of lies and
Evinaida becomes aware of the skeletons in the closet.

Irregardless, there are those who know what they are to accomplish and set about
getting the job done, no matter what the costs. These are most often forerunners,
as was Evinaida.
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