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While holidaying in France with fiancé Naomi Kobayashi Steele receives the news that his home has been burgled and as a result one of the team is seriously ill. He returns to the UK to find a close member of his group has died and antiques have been stolen, he sets out on a course of revenge that takes him to Italy and as far afield as Cairo, Egypt.
While in the Egyptian capital he is confronted by a former adversary, the CIA, and decides to disappear. On his return to the UK he discovers that not all policemen can be trusted and once again his position as a free agent is under threat. Steele follows the trail until a network of criminals feeding on the information provided by one of the members of the police force sets him after the crooked copper.
Back in Europe the CIA find him again and he puts in motion a complex plan to become invisible to the American intelligence agency but does all turn out well for him? Does Naomi get her man in the end?

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