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Hiking, Walking and Biking Nagano: 16 Tours in Nagano City

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Nagano City in central Japan offers a wealth of opportunities to explore the country's unique natural, cultural and historical features. From the iconic, ancient temple of Zenkoji, to the historic castle precinct of Matsushiro, to the surrounding forested mountains replete with magnificent views, Nagano City has something for everyone. This book is the most thoroughly researched and comprehensive English language guide to the city's natural, historical and cultural sites. It provides insightful and fascinating details of the pilgrims' walk to Zenkoji temple, the various buildings and war-time tunnels of Matsushiro, the deeply spiritual highlands of Togakushi, and hikes and walks in the remote mountains on the edge of the city. The 16 tours in this book provide all the information readers need to make the most of their visit to the city. Each tour has a detailed English description, colour photographs, and a full colour map. The 16 hikes, walks and bike rides are:
Mt Jizuki Hike
Mt Omine Hike
Nagano Station to Zenkoji Temple Pilgrim Walk/Ride
Nagano Station to Ueda Castle Park via Kawanakajima Ancient Battlefield Ride
Mt Chausu Hike
Matsushiro Walk/Ride
Mt Amakazari Hike
Mt Kimyo Hike
Mt Taro Hike
Togakushi Five Shrines Walk
Togakushi Lake Walk
Togakushi Beech Forest and Mt Meno Hike
Mt Iizuna Hike
Mt Jinbadaira Hike
Mt Sunahachi Hike
Mt Hijiri Hike

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