Highway 9 takes a look at growing up in the Midwest through the eyes of Ian Voss. Lacking stimulation in his post-coming-of-age years, he sets out to find a cure for the wearisome predictability of life. Along the way he encounters Hannah, a tragic-happy girl with a dark secret. Meeting on the road in a snowstorm, the weather forces them to hole up together for an intimate night while Hannah’s family is away. Fearing her father’s stand against impropriety, the two decide to conceal the event. Secrecy defines their relationship thereafter, and thus forges the bonds of a once-in-a-lifetime friendship. United in a clandestine pledge, Hannah and Ian discover the excitement and love hidden just beneath the veneers of humdrum routine that dominate the social landscape of small-town Iowa. But there is also a sinister side to what lies beneath everyday appearances, and they must find a way to face this darkness together. When there is nowhere to run, they turn inward, discounting the world and living within their furtive friendship.

They are outsiders looking in.

Can their secret last?

Equal parts at-home voyage and vision quest, Highway 9 attempts to explore the nature, strength, virtue, malice, sorrow, exhilaration, and astonishment of being really, truly alive.

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ISBN: 9781491735824
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