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Create Income through Self-Publishing: An Author's Approach on Generating Wealth by Self-Publishing

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his book is for those who wish to sell books or similar merchandise on the internet either through on-line retailers like Amazon, iBookstore, Android (through Apps) and through their own website. This book is NOT about quick schemes to gain riches nor is it about me as a millionaire sitting in some exquisite island feasting on sun, sea and women. It is about a way to create reasonable recurring income to alleviate all fears of financial destitution. I make a reasonable living from my books and yes maybe one day I'll hit 'the mother lode' but until then I have many books making reasonable sums of money which is in fact the way I like it.
Think about it if you have many books published on many platforms you are diversifying your risk of loss of income through some catastrophe that could hit one or several of your books. Diversifying in books, retail platforms and personal websites minimizes the risk of financial crisis.
So to this end I show you exactly what tools you need, platforms to publish on (including creating apps for the android) and the marketing required to get your book or merchandise visible through the best social media outlets.
I am also conscious of costs and I will show you how to get your work published at the lowest cost possible with the minimum amount of work required. There is always a balance between costs and speed, but I can assure you there is a very cost-effective happy medium.
Starting any form of business on the internet whether it is selling books, software or any other type of merchandise, is fraught with problems. The internet or on-line market place is massive and is growing exponentially so unless you have a very clear view of what you want to sell and how you intend to sell it you will be overwhelmed by the options and the 'hype' around selling on the 'net'.
I started my own publishing business back in 2008 and spent considerable time and money on what I believed to be the best way of getting knowledge to setup an on-line business. Many years later I perfected a much easier way of getting a business up and running by focusing on a few key essentials rather than the smoke and mirrors of the get instantly rich schemes as hatched by most on-line marketers.
To help you through the process I have created short videos on YouTube that you can link to directly from the eBook, Appendix9. Each video is short, with the purpose of highlighting a few key points in this book. Some maybe longer but remember it is the quality not the quantity that you should be seeking!
This book is dedicated to those authors and entrepreneurs that want to earn a living from selling on the internet and make a solid living in a business that you own and operate so that no longer will your lifestyle be at the mercy of some employer!

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