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Tales from the Creature Keeper: Survival Critters

107 pages1 hour


Welcome to a world where gene splicing is considered an art form, people are trying to push back nature and reestablish civilizations, and ancient remains, our remains, are dug up and studied, including every game, video, and meme that ever circulated through the internet. Have you ever wondered what future civilizations might think of us or what sort of legacy we might leave behind after climate change and widespread corporate and political corruption kill us all off?

This is a self-contained companion story to the parent novel "Tales from the Creature Keeper". In it, two main characters, Zack and Xylia, and two side characters, Robin and Penny, go on a wilderness trip that quickly spirals out of control as they encounter an escaped genetic experiment, a wandering bear, giant spiders, an abandoned underground city, and food supply problems.

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