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The sultan faced a dilemma. He dared not fall in love again, yet he hated to be alone. His solution: take a new bride each night—and execute her at dawn! Into the fray runs Shahrazad, heroine of ‘The Arabian Nights.’ Her gift for spinning tales faces the ultimate test as she must enchant the sultan to save lives, including her own.

This retelling of the classic tale, adapted as ‘Nights: The Radio Play’ broadcast on ICRT, brings Shahrazad’s legend to modern readers. Along the way it illuminates the dazzling orchestral showpiece by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov that the tale inspired. Ideally suited to oral storytelling, this new expended edition offers the story in both its original version and in a dialogue version for four readers.

Also included in this volume: ‘Five Vignettes’, a series of scenes that trace a journey from Florida’s Space Coast in the heyday of Apollo moon mission through adventures in orchestra music to the Taiwan Sunflower rallies of 2014; two poems, 'Juilliardy' and 'Beachfront Psalm'; and 'The Blacksnake', an action screenplay by A T Beaune.

‘An engrossing retelling of this familiar backstory of ‘The Arabian Nights’, entirely suitable as preparation for listening to Rimsky-Korsakov’s celebrated orchestral tone-poem ‘Scheherazade’ (an alternative spelling of the protagonist’s name).’
– David Daniels, author of ‘Orchestral Music’

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ISBN: 9781311719171
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1001 Nights & Other Short Stories - Alton Thompson

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Alton Thompson

1001 Nights

& Other Short Stories


1001 Nights: The Short Story

Copyright 2013 Alton Thompson

1001 Nights: Dialogue for 4 Readers

Copyright 2013 Alton Thompson

Five Vignettes

Copyright 2014 by Alton Thompson

The Blacksnake

Copyright 2017 by A T Beaune


Beachfront Psalm

Copyright 1999 by Alton Thompson


Dimetrodon Media Arts

Smashwords Edition

Third Edition, version 2017.08.22

All rights reserved

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ISBN: 9781311719171


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About the Author

Alton Thompson is a conductor, author, and art photographer. A native of Florida USA with ancestry in France and Scotland, he now resides in Taiwan.

Alton is the winner of a Baltimore Writers Alliance award for fiction. His electronic books are published by Dimetrodon Media Arts and distributed by major booksellers. The title story from 1001 Nights & Other Short Stories has been adapted for ICRT national broadcast in Taiwan as 1001 Nights: The Radio Play. His writing has been featured in syndicated Baltimore Symphony radio broadcasts and in publications by Dancing Shadow Press, the International Lewis Carroll Society, and UMI Press.

As a conductor Alton has performed with professional ensembles in Europe, North America and Asia. His photography has been exhibited in Taiwan’s National Palace Museum, the National Concert Hall, and the Taipei Mayor’s Salon. Photographs by Alton appear in his book News from Taiwan and are available for license by Getty Images.

Alton serves on the faculty of two national universities in Taiwan and holds degrees from the Florida State University, the University of Memphis, and the Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins.

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1001 Nights & Other Short Stories

News from Taiwan


Hope Sigler: So Here Before


1001 Nights: The Radio Play at ICRT


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1001 Nights:

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Five Vignettes:

Ariel Moscovici, sculptor

‘A Moment of Eternity’

2012, marble

Premiere Cast

1001 Nights: The Radio Play

Chia-Hsian Lin as Shahrazad

Paul Batt as Shahrayar

Ruth Landowne Giordano as Narrator

Ping Liu, ICRT production manager

Tim Berge, ICRT general manager

Alton Thompson, writer and director, as Vizier

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The National Ilan University, Taiwan

The National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

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1001 Nights & Other Short Stories

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About the Author

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1001 Nights: The Short Story

‘Many centuries ago…’

‘Seven nights passed…’

‘The next night…’

‘Over recent nights…’

1001 Nights: Dialogue for Four Readers

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

Five Vignettes

1 Cocoa Beach, 1969

2 Tallahassee, 1980

3 Kromeriz, 1992

4 Baltimore, 1999

5 Hualien, 2014

The Blacksnake