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12 Week Plan for Verbal Reasoning Success

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How long is the Verbal Reasoning Test?
What are the questions designed to find out?
How can you best study for the test?
What’s the one thing we know about the MCAT?
What tricks does the test use to get you to make a mistake?

Many students find the Verbal Reasoning test the most intimidating section of the MCAT. They are unsure of its purpose or how to study effectively for it. Most guides just tell you to “try harder.”

12 Week Plan for Verbal Reasoning Success shows you how, week by week, to sharpen your reading and test taking skills so that you can beat the test and take your score into the stratosphere. Along the way, you will also receive tips on study habits and other strategies to maximize your preparation for this most challenging of tests. Join the student who raised their scores significantly by marshaling all their resources to tackle the Verbal Reasoning section of the MCAT.

Also includes a bonus section to help you write the first draft of your medical school Personal Statement essay.

Students report: "It was very helpful because it allowed me to see the exam from a different perspective. It allowed me to get a different approach towards this section.'

"Dr. Toombs Smith's Verbal Reasoning was extremely helpful. Her tips and strategies are easy to follow and remember."

"I was able to read fast enough to cover all passages in the allotted time. I also gained strategies to pinpoint the correct answer from the answer choices."

"Dr. Toombs Smith is one of the greatest at teaching verbal!"

"It helped me get a visualization of how the test was and the thought process that needs to go into making the correct answer choices."

"It helped me understand my struggles in Verbal Reasoning. Now I focus more on the passage types that I know I struggle with. As well as how to approach a question."

"I perfected my strategy of analyzing the questions."

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