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Naked Elf Girls Omni-Bust (Books 1-6)

Length: 186 pages2 hours


All the adventures of Fan, Faye, and their sex-positive friends are collected in this special Omni-Bust edition. The Naked Elf Girls (and Ork Girl Tori) do their thing with horny angels, well-hung wizards, lusty dog-men, randy roommates, and more. This sexually explicit book is for adults only! It features straight sex, groups, lesbians, and a kink or two along the way. If graphic depictions of sex turn you off, buy something else!
Features the full, uncensored text from Naked Elf Girls 1-6. Adults Only!
NAKED ELF GIRLS #1: Banged by an Angel
Elf girl Fansuri Silverleaf and her friends are off to the Bacchanal, where Fan finds a very handsome winged man to hook up with for some friendly (naked) flying.

NAKED ELF GIRLS #2: The Rope-Maker’s Son
All Faylicia Hawthorn wants is to lose her virginity. How hard can that be during the Bacchanal? Yet, where Faye is concerned, things always seem to get twisted up in knots.
The second book in the Naked Elf Girls series.
NAKED ELF GIRLS #3: The Wizard’s Big Wand
Ork girl Tori is looking for action at the Bacchanal, too. Fortunately, she runs into a middle-aged wizard who’s happy to bang a green-skinned girl with big guns and boobs to match.
NAKED ELF GIRLS #4: Pounded by the Pack
Former drow assassin Ragnara Blix is making up for sexual lost time since “retiring.” Happily, she meets a pack of handsome dog-men at the Bacchanal to help her scratch her itch.
NAKED ELF GIRLS #5: Licked by the Lizard King
Elf girlfriends Wendi and Brandi just want to have fun at the Bacchanal, and the specially-endowed Lizard King aims to make sure that they get what they came for.
NAKED ELF GIRLS #6: The Happy Ending
Things haven’t quite worked out for elf virgin Faylicia, who finds herself tied up on the first night of the Bacchanal. Can her friends save Faye (and her cherry) and still find sexual bliss?

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