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Her Tattooed Savior

Length: 53 pages47 minutes


Mandy has spent the last four years of her life with Ronnie, a deadbeat, meth dealing abuser. She doesn’t know men to be any different than Ronnie, and she puts up with the abuse out of foolish love.

That is, until one fateful night when Jay Viper, a professional wrestler, gets between Mandy’s body and Ronnie’s fists. As the tattooed fighter whisks Mandy off on the back of his Harley, Mandy begins to realize there is at least one man out there that will protect her, that will be her savior.

She just needs to figure out if Jay is only interested in a fling, and even more importantly, she needs to keep Ronnie off their trail.


‘“Please,” she sobbed. “I’m sorry!”

“Bull!” he yelled at her with his fist raised over his head. “You embarrassed me in front of my friends. Again!”

Mandy squeezed her eyes shut as she continued to cry and plead, but Ronnie’s fists never came. She waited for the impact, she readied herself, but the blow never made contact. Instead she heard, “Dude, what the hell?” and she forced herself to look to see what was going on.

Standing between her and her boyfriend was the largest man she’d ever seen in person. Even in the dark parking lot she could see his tanned muscles, his dark hair tied back in a ponytail, and the tattoos that traced down his arms. It took her a second to realize who it was, he looked so much different when he was wearing clothes, but the man in front of her was Jay Viper.’

Her Tattooed Savior is a 13,000 work of erotic romantic fiction. It contains adult themes and language.

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