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Seven Out

Length: 46 pages37 minutes


When a gun goes off on board the steamer DeSoto's Glory, the adventurous and sardonic fugitive Wil Driscoll abandons his plans for buying information on a priceless artifact to make a quick getaway. An ex-pilot from the Great War turned treasure hunter, Wil had booked passage down the Mississippi River in order to learn the whereabouts of a century-old pistol used by President Andrew Jackson to kill an opponent in a duel. Wil and his partner, who have made a lucrative career during the Prohibition years not by selling booze but by finding (or as of late, stealing) historical artifacts for sale to the highest bidder, discover their informant shot and dying in a pool of his own blood, rambling, "He took it." With an armed killer on the loose, the boat sets course for the port of Lake Providence to rendezvous with the Louisiana State Police, who have been hunting Wil and his accomplice for a decade. With less than an hour to jump ship, they must track down the pistol's murderous thief.*

*This is a short work of historical fiction

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