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If You Men Only Knew

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“Women just don’t think that way” he said. Or so he thought.
Oh, but we women do think that way, in very erotic images. We probably think more than you men do, and we do it very differently.
Women reading these stories will agree with the scenes that play out and feel them in your body.
Men dare to read these stories. Enjoy stimulation and education revealed through a woman’s erotic thoughts. These are images of you in our mind and our core. Are you the banker, the clerk or the man in 4B?
Read fourteen different stories that cast you, the male, as the erotic centerpiece for each. You may be the burly man at the gym, lifting weights that caught my attention. But what I had you do to me might shock you. Or perhaps you were my therapist, rubbing down my pent up body in my afternoon ma-sexual-age.
Don’t underestimate when a woman flashes you a smile, you might have just been her erotic interlude and you were none the wiser!
Read on with pleasure!

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