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A Life Put on Hold

Length: 120 pages1 hour


From the time her son, Seth was born Evie Rosen knew something was different about her child. He didn’t seem to be developing along the same lines as other children his age. When she asked the doctors about it, they told her she was just being a nervous, first-time parent, that her child was perfectly healthy. Soon she began to believe it herself. A Life Put on Hold is about the Rosen’s family journey, from Seth’s early misdiagnoses to his eventual brain surgery at age 14, and the subsequent side effects and related emotional issues, as seen through his mother’s eyes. This book will resonate with families of special needs children who at one time or another have experienced feelings of loneliness, alienation and loss.To aid parents in their quest to help their child and find the light at the end of what can sometimes be a very long tunnel, Rosen has provided a resource list at the back of the book. She also invites parents to submit resources and to share their stories with her.This is a must-read for anyone who has a special needs child or knows someone who does.

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