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Dreamweavers: Awakening

Length: 389 pages6 hours


Ryan Butler is a lazy, selfish individual. At 14 years old he would rather sit in his room playing computer games than put any effort into achieving the grades he is capable of at school. Deep down he is actually quite sensitive, but he puts on a brash façade to ensure he maintains his popularity. He has known his neighbour, Daisy, all his life, but since starting secondary school he has avoided her as all the other kids think she's a bit strange.

Through a series of dreams, during which the same man keeps cropping up, Ryan discovers that he has the staggering ability to contact other people in the waking world and influence their thoughts. He soon finds out that Daisy also shares this gift, along with two other kids from his school. Sophie is the object of Ryan's affection, a constant overachiever who accepts his friendship because her numerous gifts are met with resentment among her other classmates. Billy is her twin brother, whose arrogance leads him to constant conflict with Ryan, and whom Sophie can't stand the sight of.

Together they enrol at the Academy – a facility established to maintain order within the sleeping world, and inhabited by a bizarre group of dreamers. The man Ryan kept seeing, Tristram, is a senior Dreamweaver and is charged with helping them to develop their skills. They soon discover that the Academy is engaged in a bitter struggle with a mercenary group, led by the enigmatic Rasputin, who use their skills to manipulate the minds of powerful businessmen and world leaders to fulfil the designs of the highest bidder.

Their Dreamweaving lessons provide an enjoyable diversion from school life, which is often fickle and cruel, but then Sophie goes missing in a dream and Tristram heads off to find her. The others recklessly choose to follow, and events take a gruesome twist when they finally locate Sophie and discover that the world around them is a terrifying distortion of reality, and one that they cannot readily wake up from.

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