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From Behind His Glasses

Length: 78 pages1 hour


“Oh what a tangled web we weave?” Have you ever had a moment that was unlike any other moment in your life? The moment that had the power to determine who you were from that second until eternity... MELODY certainly did. In this first book of the Mini eSeries "Echos of the Past." We meet Melody she’s a beautiful church native with the same desire as most…she simply wants to be loved and apparently at any cost! This tale of love, trust and deception is a page turning addiction that forces us to remember that just because you’re brought up in church, doesn’t mean that your every act and/or deed will be considered Saintly but perhaps even downright Scandalous! Melody falls prey to her own tumultuous game and the end result manifests in her secret of bearing the weight of life altering condemnation. “This can never be exposed!” and she attempts to lock away one bad decision after the next …but have the keys been found?
Melodies' journey towards love, wholeness...and forgiveness for her self and others takes us on a ride of past reflections… (Even in our own lives.) Hold on as she begins this pilgrimage to find herself, forgiveness of her past mistakes and maybe even love.

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