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Behavioral Curses That Change Into Blessings With Christ

Length: 220 pages7 hours


This book, gets to the root of why curses can occur in a Christian and non-Christians life. It identifies some behaviors, that can actually hinder someones life. The behavior may be done subconsciously or purposely and one could be doing these things. But it will bring a curse. The evidence and proof is by not getting answers to prayer as well as not getting blessings. A lack of peace, etc. The topics covered from generational curses, to disobedience, to rebellion, lying, stealing, and even jealousy, these can bring a curse. But this book will bring understanding as to why. And so much more. By Christ, one can reverse the curse, and the curse can change into a blessing. A must read, for anybody, who is wondering why things happen, and why you cannot seem to even get a break. These twenty three chapters, categorized can bring insight, and wisdom, for the person searching for answers. To reverse a curse into a blessing. Christ is the answer. And His Holy word, from the King James bible that is documented, throughout this book will bring truth to this matter. To inspire and give insight.

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