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Lauren Kindell just can’t catch a break. Her world and the weather are wearing her down like ice in a glass of warm water, shaken, not stirred.

When her husband is unexpectedly killed during a lineman’s accident, she is suddenly saddled with over whelming grief and the sole responsibility of raising their twin boys. This lands her dreams of becoming a premier horse trainer in jeopardy. Everyone seems to want her to fail as she stubbornly rides out the long cold days and lonely nights, feeling them penetrate as deeply as her saddle sores and calluses. As the winter warms into spring, she befriends Erik, a genuine gentleman who has a knack for showing up just when chaos erupts and her quiet country existence begins spinning like a dust devil as she’s caught between his attention and her barn contractor’s raw chemistry. When a deadly presence threatens her life, it ropes all three of them together, making the sparks fly. Will she give rein to her new found independence or will her heart thaw and let one of them in?

Lauren must learn how to survive and thrive in a male dominated profession that is as gritty as the dirt under her nails, because as her summer comes to a sliding stop of a showdown, she must decide what matters most … when her life is between the reins of the two men who want her and the man who wants her dead.
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