Life is not as simple as it looks. If there is happiness there will be joy, if
there is hatred there is love. Life is a see-saw that has to be balanced, going
down never means one cannot come up again. In Sania’s life every fall
was a lesson and every lesson pulled her up
She was a warrior and had a thirst for love –true love and true life which
in reality is very complicated. Sania like anyone wanted a normal life. She
fell, she rose, she cried she fought, she.....all for true love.
Love! Is it real; is it perfect, does it change things around you? So much to never knows unless one experiences it. Sania had to find the
truth and to do so she had to jump in the well as it says you never know
how deep it is unless you jump in it.
Now years later, Sania risks her marriage to uncover the truth and this
truth will change her life.
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ISBN: 9781499000016
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