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The Lost Expedition, a bookshot e-book of 31,000 words, is the true account of a disastrous quest for an ancient lost city. In 1925 explorer Colonel Percy H. Fawcett trekked into the forests of Brazil’s Mato Grosso state. Fawcett, accompanied by his twenty-one-year-old son Jack and Jack’s friend Raleigh Rimmel, was seeking a lost city hidden in the depths of the Amazon jungle. He believed the lost city had a connection to Atlantis and was inhabited by the remnants of an ancient white civilization.

To reach his lost city, which he called “Z,” Fawcett had to enter terra incognita. And thus Fawcett became one of explorations greatest mysteries -- he and his two companions were never heard from again. Did they get lost in the jungle and starve to death? Were they captured by Indians and held prisoner? Were they killed? Or, did Fawcett find his lost city and take up residence there? Questions such as these caught the public imagination, and for decades rumors about what might have happened to the explorer filled the pages of newspapers and magazines.

Now, author, researcher and former intelligence analyst Bob Martin has built a well-documented case establishing the fate of the lost explorer and his two companions. Despite Fawcett’s efforts to keep the route to his destination secret, which included using false geographic coordinates, Martin has come up with evidence revealing the explorer’s planned route, the true location of his “Dead Horse Camp,” the actual route he did travel and his ultimate fate.

Martin has written a thrilling tale of adventure, courage, determination and tragedy.

Published: Bob Martin on
ISBN: 9781311386236
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