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Tis this time the stakes are higher,
Than every before humanity,
if you don't do anything.....
It will be extremely hard... But not impossible,
To come back from this level of orchestrated dessication... whilst i feel confident at present,
I want nothing left to chance...
I feel the Domino's are falling right on Schedule,
Anticipated levels have been reached.....
Monitor and measure watch the P.R teams work in overdrive,
Tis your objective open minds that is Key...
Objective thinking wins over,
The Indoctrinated mind controlled masses,
Including some who you may well know,
Previously contently seemingly happy,
Going through their Manufactured emotions and motions...

Peace Ninja's be at the ready......
We may have to fight for our Freedom,
This will be done as required,
Although it will without malice nor bitterness,
It shall be completed swiftly,
Along with steely determination...
And with the will of The Creator...

I Rick Novak assert my Inalienable Moral Authority Under International Magna Carta International Common Law

Published: Rick Novak on
ISBN: 9781311763020
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