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Treasures from Philippi: GEMS for You from the Epistle to the Philippians

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Treasures from Philippi takes one of the shortest books of the bible, Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians, and mines from it fourteen gems that apply to your daily life today as they did to the Philippians. It is not quite the same as a bible study, nor is it a sketch about Paul or the church he founded. Rather, it is a devotional springboard for you to enrich your faith, deepen your relationships with others, discover new heights to your faith, and to leap further into your closer walk with God. Paul will lead you there, but even more, he will share one of the greatest secrets known to humankind: how to be content. Perhaps the aim of all our longings in life is to find contentment. We hope that someday we will achieve it. Paul tells how you can do that now. Your life will be enriched by these gems.

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