A broke college graduate is hired by a mysterious billionaire.

This boxed set contains all four stories about bad boy author Smith Wittingham and his adventures with Tori, the spicy young redhead who comes to work as his typist.

They first meet in Vermont, at his secluded cabin. He vows to keep his hands to himself, but Tori's not interested in playing by the rules.

What Tori doesn't know is Smith's painful secret, and the reason he feels unworthy of love. He doesn't know her secret, either. They can only be free to love if they open up and be vulnerable to each other.

As great as honesty sounds, in theory, spanking is really fun. So is chasing each other around the woods, and tearing each other's clothes off in alleys, on planes, in luxury penthouse suites, and in elevators.

As these two passionate lovers chase each other around the world, will they ever slow down long enough to tell each other the truth?

This edition is the COMPLETE SERIES of all 4 books, originally released separately. Everything is in here!

* * ALPHA-MALE WARNING! This series explores an intimate romance involving an emotionally-damaged alpha male. VERY SPICY. **

Published: M on
ISBN: 9781498944434
List price: $4.99
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