This exclusive collection contains four of Mimi Strong's popular stories.

Story #1 - After a Day at the Beach
My summer was just starting to get fun when I ran into my ex, Jason, at the beach. He looked so cute in his shorts, with a summer tan, and I wanted him more than ever. He said I should move on. He said those things, but by the way he was acting and staring at my body, I could tell he didn't mean a word.

Story #2 - Two Hot People
I was an inexperienced young man, and Sharlene was my age, but not inexperienced. When she approached me in the bowling alley, trying to get back at a boyfriend who wasn't paying any attention to her, I was more than willing. From that point, Sharlene turned from being my dream girl to ... a bit of a nightmare. Oh, but it was fun. I lost my innocence, in more ways than one.

Story #3 - Dating the Goblin King (Fifty Shades of Labyrinth)
Mindy Sassamouth always dreamed of dating the Goblin King and being someone the other girls were envious of. Now she's about to do both, on the same day. Thanks to some clever scheming, Mindy wins the Kingdom's first ever beauty pageant. She also catches the eye of a certain gentleman in very tight pants. There's just one problem. Jayred keeps pulling out his crystal balls and looking at a girl named Shara, who's currently navigating the Big Maze.

This is a loving parody of the eighties film Labyrinth, with satirical references to other favorite stories.

Story #4 - Lexie's First Time
Before Lexie met her billionaire, Luthor Thorne, she was once a high school nerd, desperate to be touched. The summer between high school and college, she takes a job with a family friend, cleaning cabins. She meets a man who's trying to write his first detective novel, but seems more interested in getting to know his housekeeper. He's still going by the first name of David, but Lexie convinces him to use his much sexier middle name, and become Smith Wittingham.

LENGTH: Each short is novelette-length, and this 4-story collection is about 240 pages in print.

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