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Looking for your next sultry, summer read? If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey or the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day, and you're looking for your next hot read with a splash of humor, grab IN YOUR EYES.

This limited edition super-bundle contains all 4 of Mimi Strong's bestselling romance series. Originally released in serial format, these 4 incredible series provide over 1,000 pages of can't-put-it-down heat, romance, and plenty of LOLs.

For a cheeky, sexy read with a refreshingly humorous twist, this bundle satisfies!


A personal organizer with a taste for adventure meets her match in a billionaire who loves playing games.

Billionaire Luthor Thorne is a powerful man who's used to getting everything he wants.

Lexie Ross is a fiercely independent young woman who loves sex even more than she loves organizing. She also loves to do exactly what people tell her not to, which is why she can't stay away from sexy billionaire Luthor Thorne.

He insists she call him "Mr. Thorne," and his rules and games don't stop there. With each sizzling encounter, he seeks to push Lexie to her physical and emotional limits.

Their passion threatens to bring them either complete happiness, or destruction.

After all the games, Luthor is on thin ice. Will saving Lexie's life be enough to win her devotion? Or will she find comfort in the arms of an old friend?


A broke college graduate is hired by a reclusive billionaire author. Her official job is to type for him. Her unofficial job is to satisfy his every desire, or drive him crazy. This series was originally released as 4 books. The complete series is included in this anthology.

Tori and Smith first meet in Vermont, at his secluded cabin. He vows to keep his hands to himself, but Tori's not interested in playing by the rules.

What Tori doesn't know is Smith's painful secret, and the reason he feels unworthy of love. He doesn't know her secret, either. They can only be free to love if they open up and be vulnerable to each other.

As great as honesty sounds, in theory, spanking is really fun. So is chasing each other around the woods, and tearing each other's clothes off in alleys, on planes, in luxury penthouse suites, and in elevators.

As these two passionate lovers chase each other around the world, will they ever slow down long enough to tell each other the truth?


A heartbroken young woman finds comfort and love in the arms of a new man. This series was originally released as 3 books. The complete series is included in this anthology.

After Laura is left at the altar, she finds passion and adventure, along with ice cream.

Shawn is a smokin' hot young man who works at an ice cream shop. He's all shaggy brown hair, tanned muscles, and flirtation. He's only twenty-one, and should be off limits to Laura, but his charm makes him tough to resist.

Life is pretty good for Laura, then she meets a second gorgeous man. How is Laura ever going to choose between her two ice cream boys?


A young woman who's the brat in her family is set up on a blind date with an older, divorced man. The couple experiences a powerful attraction to each other, starting on the first sexy date. This series was originally released as 3 books. The complete series is included in this anthology.

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ISBN: 9781498961486
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