When Milo discovers that his late father was murdered on a journey
to France, he decides to investigate the matter. The father left
clues to ancient secrets of religious and mystic traditions. On his quest
to find the truth, Milo follows in his fathers footsteps.

Soon, supported by an ancient brotherhood of light, Milo finds himself
on a spiritual journey taking him through a process of initiation and
enlightenment. Guided onto a spiritual path of Christian mysticism
called ’THE WAY’, he moves towards THE PYRAMID OF LIFE. New
mind blowing ideas of the true message of Jesus Christ and the ancient
mysticism are revealed to him.

In his attempt to find his fathers murderers, Milo end up in the middle
of an old conflict with hidden secrets, ancient orders and religious &
ideological power battles. An order representing THE PYRAMID OF
DEATH called the Black Nobility believe that they have the right to rule
the world, pursue Milo on his journey, subjecting him to psychological
and lethal games.

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