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Unsolved: New Mexico's American Valley Ranch Murders & Other Mysteries

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There are few subjects that fascinate people as much as New Mexico and a good mystery. New Mexico has always been an enigmatic place, filled with rich history. This book explores and examines forty-four of New Mexico’s most baffling mysteries, which lure the curious and beg for investigation even though their solutions have eluded experts, many for decades. Many relate to the death or disappearance of some of the best-known lawmen and outlaws in history — Sheriffs Pat Garrett, Les Dow, and William Brady, as well as Jesse Evans, Russian Bill Tethenborn, Bronco Bill Walters, and Mysterious Dave Mather, while others involve mysterious tales and legends of lost mines and treasures. And who can forget the UFO incident at Roswell? All this told by a former lawman and journalist who is one of the region’s leading historians, Don Bullis; Bullis also happens to be an award-winning author of over a dozen best-selling books on New Mexico’s past.

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