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A Pattern of Details

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A Pattern of Details tells the story of Guild Technician Morris Taylor, a shy and unassuming man and the master of his craft. The story begins when he and several other League professionals are given an assignment to train a group of students in the Halcyon Autonomous Region, a close ally and trading partner to the League Morris and the others call home. Although not comfortable dealing with more than one person at a time Morris still manages to conduct a successful and exciting class.
Morris' first hint that all things are not as they seem comes when he and the others are recalled to the League embassy. Then, en route to an unspecified destination he, the others and the students accompanying them discover the nature of their new assignment: an undiscovered archaeological site dating back to the Terran Imperium! Excited now, Morris and the others begin to plan their investigation of this incredible site. Before the ship even reaches the planet, though, strange accidents begin to plague them.
Now on a planet far from any civilization Morris discovers a deadly fact: someone in the group is a saboteur intent on causing their mission to fail! Morris finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with himself as the mouse and the stakes of the game far too high for his comfort: his life, the lives of his friends and a possible interstellar war. If Morris can solve this deadly puzzle he and his friends survive. If not, it's certain doom for Morris, his friends and hundreds of other planets!

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