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Ivory Scars, Iron Bars

163 pages2 hours


Casey Winter’s on a mission for God.

Well, for a god, not the god. Her introduction to Earth’s fairy population was violent and nasty. Now she’s got an Elf for a boyfriend, an overdue book, and an overwhelming urge to run screaming from both. When Raziel, the local Faerie leader, needs a wingman for a trip to Boston, Casey is quick to volunteer. Anything to get out of town for a few days, even if it does involve random deities.

But when their efforts uncover a Faerie plot to traffic humans, Casey is marooned in a strange city without a friend to her name, or a ticket home. If she wants to get back to Texas in one piece, she’ll have to depend on her new allies. Some of them are literally divine. None of them are trustworthy.
And all of Boston will perish if Casey fails...

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