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Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer? 'Gems and Stones'

Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer? 'Gems and Stones'

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Dream Symbols: An Answer to Prayer? 'Gems and Stones'

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Jun 7, 2014


Just about everyone has had at least one dream that we cannot forget! On the other hand, maybe we can only remember a small portion of it so clearly that we see it repeatedly when our eyes are closed. Some of us may have had a dream that gnaws away at us... wondering what the meaning could be, or perhaps have had a frightening dream that seems to be predicting a harsh event or tragedy. Have you been praying for answers about a certain situation in your life?

This author believes that dreams are a gift from God to all peoples, another way He communicates with us on a level that we can understand. This book deals with a large variety of gems and stones, that we may remember from a dream, suggesting possible interpretations; using scriptures that may help with the interpretation, and listing a variety of ways (common utilization) in which we use the gem or stone in today's world.

While researching a 'gems(s)' or 'stones(s)' that we have remembered from our dreams, we just may find an a prayer.

Jun 7, 2014

About the author

Kathleen Fields was born in New Jersey, however spent her youth in California and Florida; she married Steve Fields and moved to the interior of Alaska, resided there for 30 plus years, and has recently moved to warm sunny Florida. She has a large active fun family, which includes 11 grandchildren. Her hobbies consist of long walks, crocheting, sewing and researching. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, and is an experienced Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader and Deacon. She has served as a Community Lighthouse Aglow President for over 9 years after serving as a Lighthouse secretary for 7 years.Her passion is for others to see how amazing God is, and that her research into dreams symbols and applying the Word of God will open doors for others in seeing how He communicates with us daily. The subject of dreams symbols are a Holy Spirit led passion that she has researched into for many years. She is hoping that what she shares in the Dream Symbols series of books will pass on her excitement in realizing that the Lord loves us so much, that He can and will guide us while we are quietly resting using dreams and visions, and in doing so He provides another means

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Dream Symbols - Kathleen Fields


Finding Gem & Stone Symbols in Your Dream

If you have a dream that has you curious of the meaning, look for anything distinctive which seems to stand out, or that you remember clearly. Some examples can be numbers, colors, certain areas, or items that seem larger then usual on a person or object; was it night or day, morning, noon, or evening; also note the feeling that went along with the dream -- fear, joy, confusion, or sadness, etc.

A suggestion is to pray first and ask for guidance and drawn to the right interpretation. Then look into what could be possible interpretations. Please remember that dream symbols can at times, have both positive and negative interpretations. See which best fits in what could be the answer to your prayers; or, possibly speaking to situations that the dream may be pointing to in your life.

For instance, if a large beautiful sparkling diamond is prominent in a dream you have had. This 'diamond' symbol may have an important meaning. For instance it could mean 'stability' or can 'withstand extreme pressure', or, 'right standing with God', depending on what the situation in a dream is about. The Diamond has several interpretations that can be applied to your situation or dream; if one or more of the interpretations fit the circumstance you are working on, then use it or them, and the rest of the interpretations listed for that symbol would not apply.

Sometimes dreams can seem very negative or even downright scary; but when the symbols in the dream are researched, and interpretations applied, the understanding of the dream becomes clearer. Different items and their meanings can show you that either the dream can be a warning dream or a dream filled with positive answers to something you have been in prayer about.

God speaks to us in many ways, even if we cannot clearly hear the audible voice of God as some do. He still speaks to us through things around us, using dreams, television, nature, friends and strangers, visions, and more. For a visual learner like myself, I may not always hear that "still, small voice"(1 Kings 19:12) speaking to me, because my circumstances are shouting so loud, it is hard to ignore them and listen. God uses visuals, in dreams and visions, to show us what He wants us to see or learn.

The Lord knows where each of us has need. He knows how to reach us, even during our sleep. He uses dreams and visions to show us answers to our prayers and questions we have in all areas of our lives, and He directs our steps using symbols in our dreams that are so uniquely perfect for the situation, we can quickly figure out what He is saying to us.

God always answers, one way or another, even when people don't recognize his presence, In a dream, for instance, a vision at night, when men and women are deep in sleep, fast asleep in their beds-- God opens their ears and impresses them with warnings To turn them back from something bad they're planning, from some reckless choice, And keep them from an early grave, from the river of no return.- Job 33:14-18 -The Message Bible

We should always start out by confidently asking the Lord to show us what we need to know, because He is faithful to do so. Sometimes it takes a bit of thinking, research, and applying on our part in order to gain the deeper understanding needed to solve that recent mysterious dream that always seems to stay on the forefront of our mind.

God is more then able to supply 'all our need' (Philippians 4:19), and by using the symbols that we discover in our dreams, visions, or just living our every day lives, He shows us how, when, and why, so we are not wandering around blindly through life. He has supplied various ways to show us His love and direction, and will even use dream symbols as a correction to areas of our lives that we may need. It will do us well to remember that God is Good in every circumstance. He wants us to succeed in whatever He has already planned for our lives.

We should also talk with trusted friends about our dream. Get their take or interpretations of what it, or parts of it, may mean. Be forewarned though, because there may be times when we may not feel at peace with what someone's interpretation is of our dream. It does not mean they deliberately chose to harm us or upset us, so it is best to chalk it up to 'we are all human' and our own expectations and experiences could cloud or color our interpretations of our own and someone else's dreams/visions. If it does not feel right, set it aside, and continue with further research into your dream. We also need to remind ourselves that an interpretation from one person is not the absolute answer.

The Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 13:12 that we only 'know in part', that we 'see through the glass darkly'. It is a good thing to talk with or seek the counsel of several people you trust in the Lord. Then put all the ‛parts’ or interpretations together; an image or total picture will begin to form. Most of all take what the trusted people you have chosen said, and what you yourself are feeling and pray seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance. He is faithful to give us the answers we seek.

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and inscrutable things which you do not know.- Jeremiah 33:3

We should make reading Bible passages a daily habit, because it has a wealth of information for us to glean and use in our quest for answers. Dreams and visions are not a new thing. The Bible mentions both visions and dreams over 100 times; some written using highly detailed descriptions of what they saw or experienced. John wrote the Book of Revelation, in which most of it was from visions he experienced. In Acts 10:9-22, Peter questioned the meaning of a vision that he had while resting.

In the Old Testament, in Daniel 8:27 and Chapter 10, Daniel dreamed dreams that were prophetic, and troubled him greatly. In the Book of Isaiah Chapter 6, Isaiah saw the seraphim worshiping God, and Ezekiel saw the Throne of God in the Book of Ezekiel.

Lastly, we would do well to remember not all dreams are from the Lord. Satan has ways of twisting things up and sending messages through dreams. HOWEVER...we are comforted in knowing that the Word of God says that those who are His will know His voice. Therefore, we will be able to recognize the dreams that are not of the Lord, and we can toss them aside. Jesus used

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