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The Storm's Own Son: Book One

262 pages3 hours


Heir to mighty gifts of power. Chosen by no fate. Guided by no one. Bound by no destiny. As the world will soon learn.

An ancient world of magic. Eternal human questions.

Talaos is a tough young man in a vast, ages-old city. Orphaned in the teeth of a storm at sea, his origins lie in lands far to the north. A rising gangster on the rough streets he calls home, he lives by his blades. A trail of blood and broken hearts lies behind him and an unknown future ahead. Wondering what more life might have to offer, he feels the call of change. When an immortal sorcerer sends acolytes to kill him, he discovers his true nature.

His roots are far older and deeper than he ever imagined. His choices will lead farther than he ever thought possible.

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