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The OSMOSIS Poems: writings from within and out of The Dream - Part 1

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The work I was doing exploring Emptiness, as the holiness that projects out through us into this space, The Earth, produced many, many poems of a similar nature: The OSMOSIS Poems.
The collected books, in four parts, spans, that period and encompasses large portions of 2012 and 2013.
No attempt is made to hide anything from the reader, rather like the archeologist uncovering long buried treasures, I channeled what I found in that place into this place.
Largely I was "moved" to write and these are how the works came. I think they catch the light that graces all men and women's souls.
They are all tinged with a sense of human compassion and "get-alongness" that I am so fond of. Without that, this world just wouldn't make any sense at all.
I think you will see what I mean, and do suggest you read all four parts, as more often than not I was turning over a jewel in my hand and at each poem, a new light was caught.

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