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Once Upon This Time

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I have always been fascinated by the short story form. The way in so few words authors are able to communicate so much. And in only a brief, few minutes read, we are able to see, know, and feel the characters. It reminds me of haiku: a brief moment of clarify and insight.

An avid reader of Steinbeck, Borges, and Calvino, when I write stories, I do not necessarily "write" them so much as take dictation. I hear a story being repeated over and over in my head (often times, requesting of That Voice, that it be repeated again so that when I transcribe it "get it right") until finally it is ready to be written down. Then I just write it, as it was given/told to me. (note: This is also how I write my children stories).

Came to me later, that Borges (not only lived and taught in Austin, TX, which is my home) but used a similar method of Inner Recitation until he was ready to tell the story to his stenographer.

I only hope these stories honor the characters I wrote about and the tradition, so much so, that perhaps you, too, will transcribe those stories you "have always told yourself" and know in one sense (after all is said and done, perhaps, the most important one) those people we think about are Real people.

A reoccurring one for me, is a milk maid in a barn door, churning butter, humming a song to herself. I see and hear her, but she does not even know I exist.

Peace. In-joy.

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