Old Silent One and Fresh Water Fishing
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Some of my best learning occurred when I was very young and I firmly believe that the best learning time for young children is during the formative years that start before birth and continues thru the pre-teen years. In order to take advantage of that learning time parents should make an effort to engage children in actual hands on activities such as the ones described in this book.
In addition to the activities and learning suggested in this book my first children’s book titled ‘Have You Ever Made Mud Pies On A Hot Summer Day’ also has creative suggestions for parents and teachers to use with young children.
The advancement of technology is a wonderful thing in the 21st century. Everything is right at our finger tips if we know how to use the buttons and the programs on a calculator and a computer.
Then the video games and certainly there is nothing wrong with games. If children are at home and playing video games it will definitely keep them off of the streets where they are more likely to get into mischief. However, these games use up a lot of time that should otherwise be spent for study.
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