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The book summarizes the following sections within the gospel of Matthew: The Birth, The Baptism, Temptation and Early Ministry, The Sermon On The Mount, Miracles and a Call to Faith, Facing Jerusalem, The Resurrection and the Great Commission. The book will highlight the messages that were directed toward the Hebrew people. It will emphasize that the Messiah did have a love for Israel, the land, Moses, the feasts and commandments, and desired to continued ministry to the Hebrew people after His departure.
The book also makes many references to several ancient Georgian Manuscripts collected in a book written by Robert P. Blake. The name of the book is "The Old Georgian Version of the Gospel of Matthew, from the Adysh Gospels with the Variants of the Opiza and Tbet' Gospels". The wording found in these Georgian manuscripts is unique to the Georgian people and shows a beautiful side of the Gospel story. The purpose of these references is to imply that some changes may have been made in early manuscripts to drive home a more Gentile centered point of view within the church. Our home school family has illustrated over 90 pictures to emphasize the message behind each section.
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