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Grief: Mind Boggling, but Natural

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Grief is one of the most surprising emotions we experience. It can ultimately lead to healing and transformation, or it can devastate and paralyze us. How do we navigate our losses in a way that creates compassion and insight? Can grief be an important element in teaching us about life and its meaning?

Grief - Mind Boggling, but Natural, part of the Get A Grip series by Derek O’Neill, guides you through an exploration of one of the most universal but difficult transitions we face. By looking at the nature of impermanence, the process of letting go, and karma and energy - among many other topics - Derek presents a deeply reflective but concise roadmap to understanding grief and shifting its effect in your life.

Drawing on timeless teachings and practical tools for coping, GRIEF provides the wisdom and support we need during challenging times. Though our experiences are diverse, we can all gain from the positive, informed, and caring knowledge summarized in the Get A Grip books.

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