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Beautiful JILLIAN DAHL of Denver has a successful career, luxurious lifestyle and a rich fiancé. Her life is as good as it gets, but her world starts to crumble when her younger sister, Karlin, a world-class skier, is diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, a fast, deadly kind of bone cancer. On the day Karlin learns she must lose her leg, Lucky, her beloved dog, runs away in a blizzard from Jillian’s back yard.
Feeling responsible, Jillian is torn between staying by Karlin’s bedside and looking for Lucky. Her desperate search takes her to San Francisco where she meets dedicated animal activist, Travis Kerrigan, head of WEELA (We Especially Love Animals). Sparks fly between them. When they kiss on a deserted dock with the haunting sound of a foghorn in the distance, Jillian loses her heart to this charismatic man. But she must forget Travis Kerrigan! She must find Lucky—get back to her sister—and not forget she’s engaged to another man.
More than once, Jillian just misses finding Lucky. When she learns he’s been designated a “trash dog” to be used in a laboratory experiment, there’s only one person she can turn to—Travis Kerrigan.
Lucky’s “adventure” touches many people along the way:
Huff, the kindhearted trucker with an unfaithful wife. He finds Lucky in a snowstorm on I-70 and takes him to California.
Debbie, his not-so-bright wife. Thanks to a special education teacher, she gets along in the real world but has made a big mistake.
Cal Ryska, inveterate gambler and sleazebag lowlife, who takes advantage of Debbie.
Dr. Harvey Linderman, arrogant head of Linderman Laboratories. His toleration of his alcoholic wife makes him a hero, or so he thinks.

Connie Linderman, Harvey’s wife. She’s highly insulted when a young snip of a doctor tells her she’ll be dead in a year if she doesn’t stop drinking.

Bill, the skid row wino. His affection for Lucky takes him on a fatal journey.
Cody Harper, college student majoring in Enology, the study of wine. His boring summer job at Sabbatini’s Winery gets interesting when two skid row bums show up to taste the wine.
Tiffany, the resentful teenager. When “Madame Dracula,” her stepmother, gives her dog away, she makes a big decision.

Martha Trimmer, recent widow who thinks her life is over. Because Lucky runs after a “stranger,” she discovers it’s not.
Terry Woodard, devoted animal activist. Her undying love for Travis Kerrigan leads her to an unexpected fate.
Latonia Jones, tall black and beautiful. She works as a spy at Linderman Laboratories.

Looking for Lucky is aimed at animal lovers everywhere. Aside from the romance, it’s about an animal activist group similar in some, but not all ways, to groups like PETA and ALF. But there’s much more to the book, like the stories of two alcoholics that have different endings, one good, one shockingly sad. Like wine tasting in Sonoma County—skiing at Winter Park, Colorado—the giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada Mountains—beautiful San Francisco—a casino in Lake Tahoe.
Jillian’s search for her sister’s dog takes her on a life-changing journey. She will never be the same, and neither will Travis Kerrigan.

Published: Shirley Kennedy on
ISBN: 9780976923824
List price: $2.99
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