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Salad of Harmony: The Ingredients of Harmonious Relationships

Length: 57 pages52 minutes


This book is a divine practice for building and enjoying healthy love, relationships, and marriages. An example is learning to be womanly because it is very sexy, attractive, soft and it compliments the man. No man wants a loud mouth woman who yells all the time about everything. Or a woman who likes to create drama and tension when there is no reason for it. Treat your man with great respect. Please handle your man with humbleness and treat him like royalty. If you are a true woman who wants happiness and peace in her life you will highly regard your man as a king and loving him endlessly.Meaning, you will love him, serve him, cook his meals, wash his clothes, comfort and encourage him, and support him. When you are diligent with this the creator will bless your relationship with endless happiness. However, if you treat him with meanness or are fiery, loud, quarrelsome, dramatic, overly emotional about everything, you will drive away that positive energy that will bring the man to you and you might never experience true love and peace, until there is a change.

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